Ravenswood School For Girls Selby Scientific Foundation Scholarship

  • In 2015 the Foundation confirmed the establishment of a new award to be presented to a student at the Ravenswood School For Girls.

    The Selby family has had a long association with Ravenswood. Dr Doris Selby was a distinguished former student at Ravenswood (1917-1922). Dr Selby was the elder sister of Esmond and Benn Selby, founders of the Selby Scientific Foundation.

    The Ravenswood Award is made to the best performing or most worthy student undertaking a STEM course.  The Award enables the recipient to undertake an extra-curricular STEM course during the school year.

  • Tiana Pendray

    Awarded on 30/11/2020

    Tiana Pendray 2020 Selby Scientific Foundation Scholarship.

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    img Tiana Pendray
  • Charlotte Risby

    Awarded on 30/11/2020

    Charlotte Risby 2020 Doris Selby Biology Award

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    img Charlotte Risbey