John A McKenzie / Selby Scientific Foundation Awards 2018

  • The Foundation established an additional award in 2005 at the University of Melbourne to be presented at the faculty of Science annual Dean’s Awards function. Named the John A McKenzie / Selby Scientific Foundation Award it provides continuing recognition of Professor McKenzie’s seven years of distinguished service as Dean of the Faculty.

    Awarded to a student who has completed the requirements for the Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Biomedicine, and is pursuing one of the following: a research training program in the Master of Science, the Postgraduate Diploma in Science or the final year of the degree of Bachelor of Science with honours or Bachelor of Biomedicine with honours, in the Department of Genetics.

    The Foundation congratulates this year's award winner:

    img University of Melbourne
  • Jedidiah Morton

    School of Biosciences
    University of Melbourne
    Awarded on 29/11/2018

    I am undertaking an Honours degree in the Andrianopoulos lab in the Genetics Department (Biosciences) at the University of Melbourne. My project focuses on the genetic regulation of carbon metabolism in the fungus Talaromyces marneffei. 

    T. marneffei is a human pathogen endemic to South East Asia, where it can cause life-threatening systemic mycoses in immunocompromised hosts.

    My project looks at two transcription factors involved in the regulation of carbon metabolism – FacB and CreA. FacB is a transcriptional activator protein involved in the utilisation of acetate as a carbon source. And CreA is a master regulator of carbon catabolite repression in filamentous fungi. My project aims to characterise the role of these two proteins and carbon metabolism in the pathogenicity of T. marneffei. 

    I would like to thank the Selby Scientific Foundation for continuing to honour Professor Mckenzie’s legacy through this award. I am humbled to receive such an award.


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    img Jed Morton